Like every foreigners who want to work in China, I needed to find a Chinese name. My boss was keen to help me and gave me a proposal that I can’t decline.

He searched during several days for a name based on characters which are closed to my name ‘Julien’ and have a signification linked to my personality.

齐 儒 亮

It can be translated in Pinyin : Qi Ru Liang

The real pronunciation is a bit different compared to what we know in Europe. It will be more like: Tchi Jou Lian

The first character 齐 is the Last Name. This is a common name in China.
The 2nd character 儒 means ‘Confucianism student’.
The 3rd character 亮 means ‘Bright’.

People will use only 儒亮 in a daily life.

The character learning is really interesting. All these characters can have several senses and some words are created when two or more characters are linked to each other. To be a bit more clearer, find below a concrete example:

火山 means volcano: this word is the link between fire (火) and mountain (山) – the fire mountain.

More information later on this blog on Chinese characters. I have learn only the basis right now.