My relation with the Chinese administration has just started in France when I got my F-Visa couple of weeks ago to land in China and start a new activity. I need now to convert it to be allowed to stay more than one month. I request a new level of accreditation, the Z-Visa, to stay and work permanently in this country.

My company prevented me before my departure and asked me to prepare administrative paperwork.

To help my readers who are potentially the next expats, I give you below the full list of documents that Chinese government requests:

  • Passport with one year validity period
  • CV in Chinese (:/)
  • Last diploma in original
  • 10 Identity photos
  • A Chinese name (as you wish, this is your choice!)
  • Attestation for at least 2 years working experience
  • Health report (scheduled in a Beijing hospital)

Lot of things to prepare and anticipate when you want to live in China, particularly the Chinese name ;).

We started after my arrival with the translation of all official documents in Chinese. Then, I was lucky to be in a French company who know really well the administrative process because it can be complex.

My company has someone who is dedicated to these foreigner needs (new comers or visa renewal) and he handles everything.

I went last week with this agent to the Chinese Visa office to drop my passport, fill several application forms and sign my resident request form. My visa should be ready in 3 weeks. I am a bit pessimist on this deadline….

I am not able right now to leave Beijing because I don’t have any passport and official visa… Wait and see ! :)