We woke up at 6.30 AM after a short and tough night (due to the wind). 30 min too late to see the sunshine on the Great Wall. :( I will need to come back to assist to this specific moment on the Great Wall.

We started again the fire to warm our cold bodies and prepared the breakfast. Tim, our guide, took out from his backpack 2 new surprises, a Nutella pot and warm water Thermos for a hot coffee. What a good idea!

Nutella for our cold breakfast - Yummy

We had our breakfast with the first Sun lights which were really efficient to wake up the team and warm us. Following this good time, we walked back to the Great Wall for a new 3 hours hike before going back to the village.

Defense tower where we can settle our camp Our hiking team

Like yesterday, the scenery is beautiful. Morning colors bring new view and different perception of the Wall.

Jiankou Great Wall 7 Jiankou Great Wall 4

After going through several guard’s towers during our walk, we arrived at the most dangerous part of our hike. We need to go down on a part which is really vertical and unstable. Moreover, we can’t use the rope as we didn’t find any relevant and secure place to fasten it. We went down one by one to avoid potential falling rocks on the guy below. We followed closely our guide’s advices on how to grip the mountain and put our feet on the rocks. We felt some pressure into the group but we successfully went down. We all gave a look on this Wall part from the bottom and we realized the real difficulty…. scary !

Crazy and scary passage of Jiankou Great Wall

I requested adventure, I got real adventure…

We continued our hike on the Wall with some tough moments but nothing comparable to the latest climb. Note that we didn’t meet anyone during all morning on the Wall until our way back to the village.

Jiankou Great Wall 5 Amazing view of the wall whre it split in 3 different ways

We had a great lunch all-together in a small guesthouse when we remembered all adventures that we had during these 2 days and then went back to Beijing in mini-van. Everyone felt asleep after only few kilometers. Tough weekend but incredible pictures on my mind… :)

Great Wall never stops...