Second visit to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center yesterday to get my passport back. I went there early to avoid long queue. I got the number 4 on the queue list 30 min before the opening. It was a really good idea as the office was really crowded around 9:30 (more than 10 people entered after me).

Like the first time, the desks opened in time and the process was really well-organized. Every persons need to go to a first desk to pay their visas and then to a second one to retrieve their passports. After 5 min, my number was called and I received the explanation on the Visa price that the previous hostess gave me (70€). The Visa price is 35€ (as it is written on their website) but you need to add 35€ more for services charges. What a good business, I should sell Visa too!

Anyway, I got my passport back and I am almost ready to leave… :)