I went last Friday morning to the Chinese Visa Application Center at ‘Les Champs-Elysees’ in Paris to submit my Visa application form.

I expected a really long wait as it is always the case in any administration so I came with lot of stuff to read (2 magazines & 1 book). I had an appointment scheduled at 9.30 am. I was pleasantly surprised by the organisation : a welcoming staff, a new office well organized with 2 parts (visa deposit & retrieval), a new ticketing system to know when you will be called…

I was not the first in the waiting list even if I came little bit earlier (number 10 in the list) but all counters opened in time and everything was really fast. After 20 min, my number appeared on screen and I gave my complete registration form (cf. my previous post on this topic) to the Chinese lady. She gave me in exchange a coupon to get back my passport and the visa in one week. I think that all people who want to submit a Visa application are well prepared to avoid any potential issues with Chinese government.

Only one bad thing : the Chinese lady gave me a price for the Visa which was not in their summary table and higher than expected (70 €)