First real contact with China is now scheduled on Friday, 25th February for the Visa procedure. I have an appointment on China Visa office in Paris.

You should know that the Chinese procedure to obtain the visa is little bit complex and needs to be prepared. For your information, a really interesting website presents all details : Visa For China.

Find below the complete list of papers that I need to obtain the visa F (which allows me to work during only one month in China) :

  • Chinese application form that I need to fill in with an identity picture
  • the passport
  • Airplane tickets (go and back)
  • One invitation letter sent by the future employer

As you may presume, the visa is not free. On my case, I selected the multi-entry visa valid for 6 months – it costs 65 €.

This is only the first step before the resident visa that I will try to obtain in Beijing. I will have one month to pass all local steps (including a medical check-up). At least, I will have a quick go and back in France as I won’t be allowed to stay in the country.