I am looking on my next city, Beijing as the d-day is in few weeks. I am visiting a lot of travelers’ websites and tourist guide books to find the things that I can’t miss when I will be there. Like other big city, there are a lot of places which need / must visit asap for a tourist.

See below my first top 10 selection:

  1. The Forbidden City
  2. The Tiananmen Place
  3. The Great Wall
  4. Olympic sites: Bird Nest and famous Olympic park to remind all good moments during 2008 Olympic Games
  5. Hutong: There are the Beijing traditional districts. Need to visit these areas to remind how was Beijing couple of years ago.
  6. Eat a Peking duck: Let’s stop the fake chinese food in French restaurants. This is real Asian food!
  7. The Summer Temple (Yiheyuan): This is the largest Imperial garden in China. This site is classified by Unesco.
  8. Heaven Temple: One of the most visited place after the Forbidden City.
  9. Go to the Opera: Typical Chinese experience. One of the harder task in my todo list
  10. Lama Temple

My target is to see, visit and test these 10 things before Summer (July). It gives me 3 months to act as a tourist. I think it is achievable but we never know what can happen during this period.

I will keep you updated on my progress as soon as I land in Beijing with some famous stories and lot of pictures. :)